Where to go in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia: Ulu Yam Lake, Selangor State Park

Ulu Yam Lake, Selangor State Park

After you visited Batu Caves, you can proceed your journey to Ulu Yam Lake, somewhere behind Batu Caves. There you will be treated with amazing view of Ulu Yam lake, one of the main water reservoirs for the Klang Valley. Some couples even took their wedding photos over there! You can travel all the way up to the Ulu Yam Town. It is a small little town with lots of old buildings due to slow development over there.

You will passby the Selangor State Park when you travel up to Ulu Yam Town. Please bring along your picnic gears to enjoy the cold streams of clear water and view. The park is well maintained with well preserved rain forest.

Remember to take a stop at Ulu Yam Lama for lunch, 'Loh Mee', a popular dish of noodles in thick egg and vinegar broth.


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